Dreamer™ Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

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Enjoy the best sleeping experience!


Sleep Deeply Anywhere Anytime with Dreamer™ Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones.

Dreamer™ offers you ultimate comfort while in bed or on your travels! If you are having trouble sleeping put on some relaxing ambiance using the built-in Bluetooth headphones to lose yourself in the soothing sounds.

You won’t spend another sleepless night when Dreamer™ dull out your senses and relax you to the deepest. After a deep sleep, you’ll feel as good as new!


A must-have for Dreamer- Enjoy the perfect snooze on trains, cars, and planes! You can fall asleep just about anywhere with them.

Soothing relaxation awaits- The built-in headphones will create a nighttime ambiance that will put you to sleep in the most soothing of ways.

Enjoy a deep sleep- With no light or sound to irritate you, falling asleep is natural, not an effort. You will relax like never before!

Dreamer™ is the ultimate choice- When warm music is relaxing you and all your senses are dulled you’ll experience the best sleep possible!