Comfy Pet Carrier Pouch

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Our cat just ripped their way out of their carrier. Ultra-strong lining my petunia. Maybe it’s strong enough to hold a teddy bear, but a cat? Think again.

Of course, our chihuahua hasn’t been much help. When our cat clawed, our puppy chewed. He made fast work of that strap and pouch.

Guess neither of them is crazy about trips to the vet. They freak out when they see the carrier coming, and once they’re in they don’t stop yapping.

We wish we could ease their anxiety instead of adding to it, but we need to keep them safe.

Once, when we weren’t looking, our dog got the carrier door open and we nearly lost him. Never again. Safety first, everything else comes second.

Keep your little pet travel safely and comfy with this Comfy Pet Carrier Pouch

This pet carrier pouch is ultra-strong, reduces your pet’s anxiety, and is totally escape-proof. Designed to keep your pet protected, secure, and comfortable, this pet carrier is perfect for hands-free traveling or trips to the vet.

Make your pet happy times tenPet Dog Sling Pouch Carrier - Breathable Mesh Travel Safe Sling Bag Carrier for Dogs & Cats


  • Lightweight Mesh: It’s super lightweight and totally breathable, so your pet won’t get too hot while being carried around.
  • Super-Strong: This isn’t gonna break or tear even if your pet takes a nibble out of it. We made this with pets in mind, claws and teeth included.
  • Easy Access Pocket: Need to keep your cell phone or keys within reach? This pocket keeps small items at your fingertips for easy access.
  • Escape Proof: Once your pet goes in, there is no escape. The adjustable cord locks in place so they can’t get out no matter how much they try.
  • Reduce Anxiety: It might seem like a tight space, but small pets usually feel safer in tight spaces. This reduces their anxiety on trips to the V-E-T.
  • Easy To Carry: You will free your hands and keep your pet in companion at the same time.
  • Smart Design & Well Made: It’s high-quality, durable, and keeps your pet safe when you take them outside.

Two sizes available:

  • Small: 15x4x8 inches (LxWxH) - Suitable for pets under 6 pounds
  • Large: 17x5x11 inches (LxWxH) - Suitable for pets under 12 pounds

We love our fur babies and want to keep them safe, so we only used the highest quality materials we could find. No skimping allowed, that way you know your pet is in good hands.

Order this pet carrier pouch today and take your pet everywhere. 

Never leave your fur baby behind again. Brand logo 

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