2 in 1 Baby Bath Toy

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✔ BENEFITS: Our 2 in 1 Baby Bath Toy automatically sprays water and flashlights, bringing endless entertainment for baby bath. It can also be turned into a Space UFO Toy when placed on the base, thus singing, and driving in Omni-directions 

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✔ EASY TO USE: Equipped with a sealing ring to prevent leakage, it prevents water from entering. Take it out when not in use, wipe the water above, dry it with a towel, and then use it again. (Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included).

✔ Fun and Eye-catching: Cute Whale design and flashing light can easily attract children's attention. Once put on the bathtub, the spraying water and light will naturally draw the attention of your baby. Fun bath to entice your child into taking baths 👶

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✔ SAFETY MATERIALS: Made of 100% child-friendly, non-toxic, BPA-free materials that are strong, safe, and durable.

✔ BEST GIFT FOR CHILDREN: Our 2 in 1 Baby Bath Toy can be used in the bathroom, swimming pool or birthday, seasonal, baby gifts, and party gifts. It spins and floats in the water by spraying exciting fountains. The flashing colorful lights can easily attract children's attention, and interesting bath toys attract children to take a bath 👼