Baby Snuggle Nest Cloud Gray

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Your family sleeps well because you use a baby nest!

Baby Snuggle Nest Cloud Gray

Baby nest bed is known to help babies feel safe and secure while they are sleeping. Whether you're traveling to grandma's house or just getting away for a weekend, this Organic Double-sided Baby Nest Bed will give your little one a safe and cozy place to sleep. With raised, breathable sides, you can safely keep your baby close by in bed with you.

Baby Snuggle Nest Cloud Gray


  • All our MATERIALS are certificated, hypoallergic, breathable and non-toxic.
  • Cover fabric is 100% cotton.
  • You can put in the baby nest between you in your bed, without any worries to make harm for a little baby while sleeping at night


  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not over soak or bleach
  • Spot cleaning.
  • We recommend a liner to keep it clean for a longer time.


Liner is a washable thin pad that you can use in the baby nest bed to keep the nest clean for a long time. It has same colors as your baby nest bed. You can take it off easily and wash it in a machine. So you do not need to wash the all baby nest bed every time.

Baby Snuggle Nest Cloud Gray


  • Always place your baby on his/her back.
  • Please use the Baby Nest Bed always on a flat, firm and stable surface and away from any edge that it could fall from.
  • Soft objects such as stuffed toys and pillows should be kept out of the Baby Nest Bed.
  • Please use Baby Nest Bed for babies (0-24 months). Not the Medium or Toddler sizes.
  • Baby Nest Bed can be used for supervised sleeping for infants, bed transitioning, tummy time, playtime, resting, napping, lounging, and even changing diapers.