Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes

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"These were PERFECT for my trip to Kauai. The beach we were near had hidden rocks in the sand - big volcanic rocks that hurt to step on... except for ME in my fancy shoes. I wore them almost constantly for a week and they held up great under all kinds of stress. I'd totally buy them again. I only wish I had ordered them for everyone in my group. Great value, great product"
~ Leona J. Martin (Shopptique Customer)

"Wore these on a cruise...swam in 3 spots in the Caribbean, and they were so comfortable and protective. No sand collected inside and they dried quickly. Several other cruise guests loved them and wanted to know where I got them. Fit like a glove (or comfy smooth sock). Definitely a good purchase"
~ Samantha Lindsay (Shopptique Customer)