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This Bottle Warmer Can Evenly Heating Bottles And Keep The Optimal Feeding Temperature For Your Baby

Bottle Warmer


  • Feeding at Midnight: Use the baby bottle warmer to warm the water in bottle and keep the temperature at 40°C(104°F) before sleep. When the baby wakes up and crying at midnight, add the formula to the warm water and shake it, then the milk is ready.
  • Multifunction Baby Bottle Warmer: Our bottle warmer can be used as a milk warmer, food heater, sterilizer, and smart thermostat. Baby pacifiers, teething toys, feeding bottles also can be sterilized in this bottle warmer, greatly simplify your nurturing life and save your room space.
  • Double Bottles Design: With two bottles of design, you can warm milk and water or two milk bottles at the same time with our bottle warmer sterilizer. It is perfect for twins. The bottle warmer fits for most size and brands of bottles on the market, including breastmilk bags.
  • One Knob of Operation: Three different levels of temperature design, meet all your needs. Turn to 40℃(104℉) to warm the milk. Turn to 70℃(158℉) to heat the food. Turn to 100℃(212℉) to sterilize the nipples and small items. Easy to operate!
Bottle Warmer

Warming Tips:

1. Please always warm the water in advance, when baby hungry, you can feed him/her immediately.

2. Usually, the bottle warmer warm 150ml bottles will take 11-12 minutes, 250ml will take 12-13 minutes, but healing time will depend on the materials of bottles, which will probably differ by 2-3 minutes.

TO SHORTER THE WARMING TIME AT NIGHT, please always warm the water in the bottle and keep the temperature at 40°C(104°F) before going to bed.


  • 1. Bottle warmer provides an excellent way to warm up breast milk that has been thawed or refrigerated.
  • 2. Use a baby bottle warmer to heat the milk will lose less nutritional content.
  • 3. It is a multifunctional food milk heating heater warmer. The bottle warmer can also be used to heat baby food when your baby starts to eat food.
  • 4. The bottle warmer is able to warm 2 bottles quickly. Never let your boy or girl wait too long. It is also suited for twins baby.
  • 6. Compact design, the breast milk warmer is portable and easy to pack, making you easy to warm breast milk while you are on the go.
  • 7. One key operation, the bottle steam sterilizer is easy to use.
Bottle Warmer

How to Heat Up Cold Milk/Food With Our Bottle Warmer?

1. Pour 200ml of water
2. Place the lifter
3. Place the bottles
4. Put on the cover
5. Turn the switch to 70°C (158°F) Firstly.
6. Turn back to 40°(104°F) after 11-12 minutes.

How To Keep Warming The Milk (if your milk is warm)?

Turn the switch to 40°C(104°F) then it will keep the milk temperature at 104°F.


1. Fits most brands and kinds of material baby bottles. Can use it with plastic, glass or silicone baby bottle.
The warming time depends on the material of your baby bottle.
2. It is also can be used to sterilize pacifiers.

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