EduKids Digital Video Camera For Kids

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The best toy for your little filmmakers 

EduKids is the best start for your kid’s photography career! This digital camera makes photography simple and fun while keeping the professional quality you love seeing.

EduKids is super easy to use so even three-year-olds can start framing their memories. The camera holds, games, filters, recording options, everything your kid needs to keep its little mind entertained.

We’ve made it simple and fun to get into photography so every kid can put their creative talents into practice. Treat your kids with the best digital toy out there!

Never miss a memory- Every youngling can learn to use EduKids! With a push of a button, your kids will frame their best memories.

Photograph like pro- Edukids shoots and records at 1080HD. It has every function of a camera for your kids to learn everything about photography. Functions include Photo Frames, Games, Time settings, Audio recording built-in microphone recording, Video recording.

Supports multi-language- English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, etc - More than 20 languages.

Inspire with creativity- Encourage your kids to capture their favorite moments from a young age to provoke the artist within them!

EduKids is the ultimate choice- Our kid’s camera blends simplicity and functionality to give your kids a toy that will sparkle their creative side!

Package Includes:

1 × EduKids Camera
1 × USB cable
1 × Lanyard
1 × Instruction manual