Fluffy Super Soft Luxurious Carpet

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Can you imagine a super comfortable life that a carpet can bring to you?

Shopptique Super Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Area Rugs for Bedroom Floor Shaggy Plush Carpet Faux Fur Rug Bedside Rugs

Close your eyes and lie on your rug, It is like lying on a cloud, bringing you into all kinds of wonderful and comfortable dreams. This feeling is comparable to the Arabian god blanket in the fairy tale, magical and wonderful! 

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Modern minimalism of a versatile home. When you are tired, take a cup of aromatic coffee and lie on such a lovely velvet rug. The sunshine in, the time was no longer so lazy, it waved sweetly to you, gently the whole space.

Super soft and skin-friendly plush protects your feet from cold and hard floors while giving them exceptional comfort and massage feeling. A variety of colors and sizes make it the perfect choice for home décor.

Size Chart

X Small - 40cm X 60cm (15" X 25") (1.4ft X 2ft)
✓ Hallway, Bedside, Doorway, Bathroom Doorway

Small - 50cm X 80cm (20" X 30") (1.7ft X 2.6ft)
✓ Hallway, Bedside, Doorway, Bathroom Doorway

Medium - 80cm X 120cm (30" X 50") (2.6ft X 4ft)
✓ Hallway, Bedside, Runner rugs/Carpet

Large - 120cm X 160cm (50" X 70") (4ft X 5.3ft)
✓ Bedroom rugs/Carpet, Hallway, Living room

X Large - 140cm X 200cm (60" X 80") (4.6ft X 6.6ft)
✓ Bedroom rugs/Carpet, Hallway, Living room

Family - 160cm X 200cm (65" X 90") (5.3ft X 6.6ft)
✓ Living room rugs/Carpet/Bedroom

The fluffy rug is designed for a luxurious feeling and comfort. Soft to the touch, warm and beautiful, not shed and not fade, skin-friendly.

Super Soft & Shaggy

Skin-friendly & No Smell

Super Soft Fluffy carpet

Ideal Choice For Home Decor

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Easy Care

Simply vacuum with a hand-held vacuum. For a deeper clean, wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap. Allow your shag rug to fully air dry before the next use. Do not use bleach. The rug pack with a vacuum bag, the thickness will recover within two days, please don't worry.

Thousands Of Non-Slip Grip Dots

Fluffy rugs are made to last many years, tight weaving ensures it not easy to shed and the edges are hard to dissipate, durable grip dots on the underside of the grip area rug help to prevent it from sliding around on your floors and not easy to abrasion.

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4 cm thickened long velvet makes you feel like lying on a cloud

Perfect Gift Choice

The fluffy rug is the best choice for home decoration. Perfect as girls room rug, kids bedroom area rug, baby room carpet, living room rug, nursery area rug, toddler room mat, etc. Fluffy carpet can be integrated with all kinds of decoration styles and bring a new visual experience! 

Super Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Area Rugs for Bedroom Floor Shaggy Plush Carpet Faux Fur Rug Bedside Rugs

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