KitchenBuddy - 2PCs Finger Protector Guard in Kitchen

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Keep Your Fingers Safe & Protected Next Time You Step Foot In The Kitchen

A little too clumsy in the kitchen? Or know someone who is? When it comes to knives and cutting it can be a bit risky and quite dangerous when it comes to chopping up and slicing. Not to worry... We've found a way we can keep you protected next time you're in the kitchen. Introducing Kitchen Buddy-A simple way to keep your fingers protected in the kitchen.

Easy to use in no time and works like a charm. Simply put it over your non-cutting finger, grab your knife and get to work. Offering an extra layer of protection just in case you slip up.

Made with high-quality stainless steel that's nearly indestructible and keeps your fingers protected while cutting. This means even for those clumsy folks or overly aggressive ones with the knife you don't have to worry about any more bloody accidents!!

You can use it when you're cutting anything. Whether that's cutting fruit, meal prepping or cooking for the family. Allowing you to prepare your food in peace without getting your blood on nobodies food.

If you're one of those who seem to be a bit clumsy in the kitchen then this is the product for you. Super reliable, easy to use and best of all...Less bloody fingers.

Keeps You Safe- At all times ensuring that you stay protected when you're slicing and dicing in the kitchen and there just in case of any slip-ups. Perfect for those who tend to get a little too carried away or very aggressive with the knife.

Quality Materials- Quality stainless steel that doesn't rust and serves as the perfect shield for your fingers. doesn't allow any penetration and doesn't bend so you can rely on it to keep you protected in the kitchen all year round.

Easy Clean- Making it a breeze to throw in with the dishes and saves you time trying to clean the dishes. Simply give it a quick rinse and repeat and you're all set.