Large Crochet Native American Dream Catcher

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Large Crochet Native American Dream Catcher

The world is truly a mystical place filled with large energy sources, also known as chakras. Chakras are within each of us but only those who know how to harness their power and use the energy can truly become one with the body and mind.

This LED dream catcher amplifies the power of the chakras and makes dreams blissful.

Large Crochet Native American Dream Catcher

Our exclusive dream catcher aims to accompany you in your magical dreams every time you sleep. This native american dream catcher ensures that all good dreams enter your mind while the nightmares get thrown away through the hole.

Best part of all, this large authentic dream catcher emits an atmospheric LED glow which helps the mind ooze into sleep quicker. Bring tons of love, compassion, and positive energy into your dreams and life with this indian dream catcher.

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STYLISH - Made with delicate feathers, cotton threads, and iron rings, this big dream catcher is the perfect addition to your home. Bring the harmony and ancientness of nature right within your room.

AUTHENTIC - Unlike most of the dream catchers available today, this crochet dreamcatcher brings forth the traditional roots on American Indian history and combines it to provide a real dream catcher. Let this native american dream catcher ooze you into a blissful deep sleep while you enter a magical dream world.

MYSTICAL POWER - It is said that the authentic dream catchers hold the power of making your most desired dreams come true. Harness the true power hidden with our Indian dream catcher and live your dreams.


1x Authentic Big Dream Catcher


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