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35cm Magnetic Knife Holder

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Might be the best kitchen decision you make! - Katherine Antonini
I decided to try a steel sharpener and needed a magnet to hold my sharp knives as well. This set was just what I was looking for. I've used the sharpener several times and I can't remember the last time my knives were this sharp, it's long and sturdy and worked great right from the start. It even comes with an extra hanging hook to hold it next to the magnet so I really have to say that they thought of everything with this set. The magnet is very strong and can hold anything I've put on it.....from kitchen shears to a heavy meat cleaver. It's very easy to install and allows me to have extra space on our kitchen counter. Win-win situation! I'm very pleased with this set and definitely recommend it!!

Great Alternative to Bulky Knife - Andrew Wondergem
This device is simple enough; you hang it on a wall or your backsplash and knives stick to it. It frees up a kitchen drawer for you; keeps your knives quickly accessible and if you have a nice knife set, it looks great, adding a functional design element to your kitchen. It holds plenty of knives; I have two chef's knives, a slicer, a chopper, a medium-sized kitchen knife and two small kitchen knives on mine. The magnet holds well but not so well that you have to fight to get your knife off of it. I've had other magnet bars that were too weak to hold a decent quality knife ( they can be heavier than the cheapies); not so with this one. I am very happy with it.