Personal Home Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer

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Having accuracy when it comes to measuring alcohol levels is an absolute necessity. After hours of research, our revolutionary Personal Home Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer was created.

Personal Home Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer

Designed for efficiency and accuracy, this alcohol breath test is the perfect solution to quickly finding out one's BAC without having to spend additional time or energy. In fact, our at home alcohol breathalyzer uses police-grade technology, allowing it to detect trace amounts of alcohol and reliably handling high BAC levels. This personal breathalyzer is accurate to the third decimal place.

From road-side law enforcement to medical professionals to normal citizens, our home breathalyzer is used and trusted by all. Using our portable personal breathalyzer is as simple as pressing one button. Within seconds, our portable breathalyzer will show you the results you've been wanting.

Personal Home Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer


- RELIABLE & LONG-LASTING - Despite the small size of this alcohol tester, the reliability of the measurement is extremely accurate. Every single alcohol test done with our breathalyzer will provide accurate results which you can fully trust.

EASY TO USE - To use, simply insert 3 AA batteries into the personal breathalyzer, hold the button on the side for 15 seconds to warm it up, and put mouth-piece in your mouth and blow. Within seconds, the screen display on the breathalyzer should warm up, showcasing the results.

- PORTABLE - Due to it's small size, the at home breathalyzer is fully portable. Take it with you anywhere you go and keep a handy alcohol tester at all times. In fact, you can even fit our alcohol breath test inside your pocket.

Package List:

1 * Alcohol Tester
5 * Mouthpiece
1 * Storage Bag
1 * Instruction Manual

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