PocketPalm-USB Chargeable Hand Warmers

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Never lose the warmth of your hands again

Your best friend for getting rid of the discomfort the cold creates for your hands is PocketPalm, your mini hand warmer! Take it with you and the cold will never bother your hands again!

The four-hour lifespan of the rechargeable battery gives you more than enough daily heating power to keep your hands warm all day long or recharge it via the USB port as the day goes by.

PocketPalm can keep you warm and guide you through the night, using its LED nightlight all your needs for a comfortable evening are met! Drop it into your pocket and the cold will never be an issue! 

Why PocketPalm is for you

Blazing comfort- In a couple of seconds you can get rid of your cold hands to feel a warm embrace anywhere at any time!

Winter soreness no more- When holding PocketPalm, your hands will always be taken care of so the cold never damages your gentle skin again!

A loving touch- When no one is around to hold your hand outside, you can always hold on to your heater to feel the warmth you desire.

PocketPalm is the ultimate choice- All the warmth you need to keep your hands comfy during the winter will come from your pocket-sized friend!