Hand Free Mini USB Personal Fan

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Best thing to happen to Summer, ever... ~ Diana Bass

A fantastic purchase ~ Serena Norris
This is great for hot days in the sun fishing and I also use it at work. A building I clean does not have AC or fans going when I get there after closing and it's all metal and I live in Florida so it's literally over 100 degrees in there and this Fannie had made it so I'm not burning up anymore and out on the lake I actually have a breeze on me. It lasted 3 hours fishing and 3 hours at work the other day so the battery is amazing. I like I can move the fans to any position I need in front of my face or below or to the side. I have tried others but this is the best

Easy to use, keeps you cool! Would definitely buy again ~ Joshua Withrow

Long battery life and works great ~ Scott Henson
I bought 2 of these for a family vacation in Disney World in Orlando in July. You're thinking, why would anyone do that to themselves with that level of heat and humidity. VALID question. Regardless of the reason, I bought these personal fans in the hopes that they would provide at lease SOME relief. Well, my expectations were completely shot out of the water. These were WAY better than expected. They kept me cool even when it was in the high 90s with humidity (particularly at the highest speed out of the three). I wore mine for at least 6 hours and the battery lasted the whole time. TOTALLY worth the purchase.