2-in-1 Beach Towel Tote

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Make Your Relaxation Time Under the Sun More Comfortable, Convenient, and More Enjoyable Than Ever!

This 2-in-1 Beach Towel Tote completely covers a lounge chair from end to end so that every part of your body can enjoy the plush softness for a completely relaxing experience.

Easy to slip onto any lounger, it features two side pockets that can store your belongings while you relax and soak up under the sun. It also folds into a handy beach bag with a shoulder sling for ease of transportation.

Are you frustrated with laying down on a lounger chair only and having to adjust the towel 20 times because it keeps slipping? With the Lounger Beach Towel Cover, you’ll just set it just once and then enjoy your leisure time without having to adjust the towel!

Thanks to its anti-slip design, the Lounger Beach Towel Cover secures to your chair and stays in place, no matter how many times you move around. Now you can relax in complete comfort and with peace of mind.

To install it, simply cover it over the chair and enjoy a soft and comfortable surface that’ll keep your skin away from the germs on public lounge chairs. Plus, the cover features convenient pockets that will store your valuables and keep them close to you at all times so you can grab them quickly whenever you need to.


Soft & Absorbent Material - This beach chair towel is made out of soft and absorbent microfiber and terry material, suitable for the beach chair or pool chair.

Size - The Lounge Chair Beach Towel cover is 85''x30'',elastic fits snugly on the most lounge and pool chairs. You can use these chair covers at the beach, pool, deck, patio, cruising, etc

Anti-slip Design - Stays in place no matter what. Toss and turn all you want, it won’t move with you and require you to constantly adjust it. Enjoy maximum comfort without having your relaxation time disrupted.

Storage Pockets - Keep your personal longings in a close and secure place so you don’t have to worry about losing them. And when you need them, they’re just an arm's reach away!

Universal Size - Fits most lounge chairs. Perfect for the beach, pool, patio, and pretty much every outdoor venue.

Convenient - Super easy to install and remove. Transforms into a carry bag that can be wrapped around your shoulder.

Beach Towel Tote


  • Dimensions: 215*75cm
  • Weight: Approx. 350g
  • Material: Premium Absorbent Microfiber

Package Includes: 1* Transformable Beach Towel Tote

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