Travel Neck Airplane Pillow

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When it comes to getting rest while traveling, the pillow you use to sleep on basically determines what quality of sleep you get. Our Travel Neck Airplane Pillow was scientifically designed to naturally ease the neck and head into a comfortable position which prevents stiff necks and sore shoulders.

Travel Neck Airplane Pillow

(Voted best Travel Neck Pillow)

The cushion-like hypoallergenic fleece our travel pillow was designed with provides a soft surface for you to rest your head on. In fact, unlike traditional U-shaped travel neck pillows, our airplane pillow makes it easy to rest your head on the side. This plane pillow carries very little weight and can even be wrapped around carry-on bags.

Best part of all, along with providing great sleep, our flight pillow is extremely stylish and can be worn in public! It's as simple as wrapping one side of the head with one portion of the travel pillow and wrapping it around the front of your neck all the way to the back. 

Travel Neck Airplane Pillow


EXTREME COMFORT - All over, our plane neck pillow boasts comfort and security. In fact, the cozy feelings that you get from our flight travel pillow makes it seem as if someone is hugging you tight, making it much easier to actually fall asleep.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Traditional U-shaped travel pillows are often baggy and large in size, making it super difficult to carry around. Our flight pillows weigh 50% less than these pillows and easily wrap around bag handles or traps.

EASY TO CLEAN - Cleaning this airplane pillow is an extremely simple task. In fact, these travel pillows are machine washable and can be cleaned via hand as well.

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