U Shaped Pregnancy Maternity Body Pillow

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Pregnancy can be a time filled with tons emotional ups and downs and many parts of a soon-to-be mother's life can be affected. One of the most important changes a woman goes through during pregnancy is sleeping position.

Our revolutionary U Shaped Pregnancy Maternity Body Pillow was designed to give women the correct position they need to ensure a good night's sleep while maintaining the safety of their child

U Shaped Pregnancy Maternity Body Pillow

Our pregnancy is helps alleviate the discomfort caused during pregnancy by providing the support needed by conforming to the woman's body. Simply put, the maternity pillow stretches around the woman's body and perfectly aligns to provide enough space to move freely.

In fact, woman can now sleep freely on any side of their body while pregnant without facing any extra discomfort with this pregnancy body pillow.

pregnancy body pillow

Best part of all, our u shaped body pillow for pregnant women can be used for a variety of different tasks as well. From nursing to reading to watching TV, our maternity body pillow will be your new best friend.


- HIGH QUALITY - This pregnancy pillow was created with super high-quality cotton and polyester fillings, which help make the outer layer seem gentle on skin. In addition, the maternity pillow is breathable, odorless, and retains its shape after months of use.

- PROMOTES SOUND SLEEP - Every pregnant woman knows just how hard it is to fall asleep due to the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy. Our maternity body pillow helps get rid of all that by providing your body the support it needs to rest properly.

- MACHINE WASHABLE - This U Shaped body pillow is fully detachable and can be easily washed in a washing machine. The material itself on the pregnancy pillow will not be affected in any way.

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